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Who We Serve

Financial Services

Families, Inviduials, and Corporations

Building Personal Relationships

We drive thoughtful strategic and financial partnerships that work for our clients. Our sub-sector specialization, coupled with global relationships, enables us to deliver results.

What We Do

Our Services

Financial Planning

We apply the same principles to your portfolio that investment teams do for multi-billion-dollar pension plans, foundations and endowments.

Wealth Preservation

Includes private banking services such as customized lending coordination, individualized alternative investment or real estate investment services.


Helping you to strategically live the dream taste without burning out. Find the best brands with the best deals you can leverage on. Your lifestlye can be an asset too.

Digital Investing

In this next wave of the digital revolution, digital currencies are emerging as what many believe to be the greatest innovation since the advent of the internet.

Retirement Planning

The path to financial independence requires careful planning and clear strategies.. Strengthen your financial transition to retirement

Real Estate

We coordinate and oversee transactions to ensure you receive the best service, pricing, and investment options.


You don't have to break the bank to get the best out of insurance.

Debt Financing

Specializing on solutions outside tranditional bank loans we have but relationships with family offices and investment banks and private investors.

Our Approach

Global Scale
+ Diverse Presence

Case Studies

Personal Testimonials

I wanted to hand-off the responsibility to someone that I trusted, who would do a good job and not charge me excessive fees – and would also work as a fiduciary. Who would work in my best interest and the best interest of my family. Not just putting me in things that gave them high commission.

Michael Smith

Wealth preservation

We wanted a sustainable fossil-fuel free investments but it is difficult at present to pick something off the shelf. We were therefore pleased that with advice from Nathan at 700 Capital, we have been able to implement a portfolio that maintains diversity and meets our objectives


Laura Mills

Investing in digital assets
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