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It was stunning to know at first that I was able to secure a loan which my bank could not grant, using the debt financing scheme of 700 capital. I must say they took a huge risk on us and worked extensively to help us anticipate some of the issues that my business may face and possible strategies. This has helped us grow into what we are today.

Jessica Martin

Loan benefactor

I wanted to hand-off the responsibility to someone that I trusted, who would do a good job and not charge me excessive fees – and would also work as a fiduciary. Who would work in my best interest and the best interest of my family. Not just putting me in things that gave them high commission.

Michael Smith

Wealth preservation

Its been 3 years of your advisors handling my assests and there has been no regrets so far. Most importantly, I am impressed with the detailed quaterly reports which comes nicely packed like some birthday gift.

Sarah Albert

Comodity trading

We have always invested with so many brokers in preparation for retirement but one unique thing about 700 Capital is that my advisor is always available when we want to talk to him and I never feel rushed. Also making us realize there is a very comfortable life after retirement.


Suzie Doe

Planning retirement

We wanted a sustainable fossil-fuel free investments but it is difficult at present to pick something off the shelf. We were therefore pleased that with advice from Nathan at 700 Capital, we have been able to implement a portfolio that maintains diversity and meets our objectives


Laura Mills

Investing in digital assets

Being a newbie coming into the property investments circle, I stuck with my previous broker for over 4 years where I felt I knew all there was to real estate until last year when one of the advisors at 700 capital made me understand the BIGGER PICTURE which I was never told neither did I imagine.


John Dorsey

Real estate investor
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